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Eva (printed book) *MISPRINT*


What was supposed to be shiny varnish was printed as magenta :-s Also, the text on the back cover is not centered. See the photos to compare with the correctly printed edition.

The inside is the same as the correctly printed book. (Which sadly doesn't have shiny varnish either, as the printer stopped offering it exactly when I made the order, which partly explains the misprint ...)

It's kind of difficult to capture in photos, but the magenta colour on the cover really is smash bang full on 100% magenta, partly overlaid on red and black. 

Worse designers could have done this intentionally ^^ but since I didn't, I'm selling them for cheap and hoping you will help me get all these unexpected book boxes out of my tiny apartment again.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Luxury hardcover book collecting all the hard boiled short stories about Eva's everyday work and leisure in the black glass streets of her city, splattered with blood and washed with rain. 

Contains the following stories:
Asphalt Mirrors
Lead Lips
Odd Tuesday
Glass Rain
Flashback! Postman Blues
She’s a Killing Machine
Asbestos Hearts
Electric Tsunamis
... and many sketches and illustrations!

Suggested for mature readers only, due to sex, drugs, violence, swearing etc.

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Hardcover book, 240 pages, black and white inside, 21,5 x 15,5 x 3 cm.

Story and art
Tinet Elmgren

Eva (printed book) *MISPRINT*

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