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Flotsam and Jetsam (printed book)

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Flotsam and Jetsam (printed book)

Black Pig Comics

All you never thought you ever wanted to know about the comic Driftwood

Why is Seraphine not human? Why did Eva’s boobs grow exponentially between chapter 6 and chapter 7? If the story was conceived in 1995 when Tinet was 14 years old, how horrifying did the first drawings of the characters look? And where did the ideas come from, anyway? This book includes all the side stories (several of them never previously published in English), loads of sketches and illustrations (most never seen before in public), notes about fascinating details, deleted scenes, and much more ... 

Short stories collected in this book:
The things that happen behind your back 
Newcastle Brown Ale
And now for some Real Irish Fun Without Vulgarity!
'Waiting for something new
The mysteries of Russian names
Mother of pearl
The compass rose (The silly sailor boy)
White Nights
The Muggers 

Plus numerous one-page comics, gag/sketch comics and even a Ranma 1/2 spoof.

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Printed book, paperback, 212 pages, black and white, 17x22 cm.

Story and art
Tinet Elmgren